Mission Statement

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  1. To conduct all dealings with honesty, integrity and utmost good faith and uphold the to Consumer Protection Code for Financial Intermediaries as set out in the 2012 Regulations from the Central Bank.
  2. To adhere to the principles of Insurance as set out by the Irish Insurance Institute.
  3. To comply with all laws relating to insurance and advise policyholders to do likewise. Provide policyholders with a highest standard of service and assist them in overcoming their loss/damage without delay.
  4. To give policyholders the best advice, information and facts available regarding their policy and claims issues. Where a policyholder has a broker or other insurance intermediary, we will keep them updated on the progress of a claim and advise them of any key developments.
  5. To ensure policyholders obtain their proper entitlement under the terms and conditions of their policy and advise correctly on procedures to deal with uninsured losses. Where disputes arise regarding liability or quantum, we will endeavour to protect our clients’ interests within the ethics of the CPC, insurance principles and law.
  6. To give policyholders the full benefit of our Loss Assessing expertise and experience in dealing with their claim on their behalf.
  7. To recommend competent tradesmen & contractors to policyholders to undertake repairs and replacement.
  8. To provide a value-for-money service and indicate exactly what clients are being charged for.
  9. We will comply with European Communities (Insurance Mediation) Regulations 2007 & the Irish Central Bank regulations of 2012.
  10. We will comply with the Code Of Practice for Public Loss Assessors as laid out by the Central Bank Of Ireland.