Commercial Property Damage | Loss Assessors

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White & Associates have invaluable experience and expertise in commercial property damage and losses.  Commercial claims must be progressed quickly since the damage may have serious consequences for the business due to the premises being uninhabitable, stock, equipment and machinery being damaged.

As experienced Assessors, we can advise in setting up temporary premises, outsourcing and maintaining business to minimise interruption.  Key elements of a commercial claim where our expertise will be crucial:

  • Establishing the accurate scale of the loss including business interruption (BI) caused by damage and during restoration
  • Arranging an emergency up front/interim payment from your insurance company to cover immediate costs to assist with business cash flow and assist with keeping business open
  • Identifying the key logistics and systems to maintain business and establishing how to operate with damaged premises or machinery
  • Assisting with an emergency business maintenance/salvage plan
  • Advise on reducing scale of loss and minimising any closure period
  • Preparing and submitting an accurate BI claim including for ICOW (Increased Cost Of Working)
  • Giving expert advice to commercial Clients on their rights and entitlements
  • Liaising with other professionals such as Accountants and Engineers to support our Client’s claim
  • Giving expert technical advice to reduce damage and minimise loss
  • Negotiation of our Client’s full entitlement under the policy